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Wael Abdelgawad

Fresno, CA, United States

Nov 17 at 05:12 PM

I've been doing this lock for 25 years, but the little step out that you take once the lock is secure, which hangs the person's weight on the lock, was an eye-opener and makes a huge difference in the technique's effectiveness. Thank you for your attention to detail and always striving for excellence.


Sep 28 at 06:02 PM

Thank you Hanshi. Chris and I were watching this and had a question. We noticed that you bring the hand down to off-balance the tori, then when you circle the hand around you give them their space back, letting them stand back up.  Can you explain the reason for that? Thank you!

Sep 28 at 03:46 PM

Definitely changed the way I look at these. It's fascinating that they're all almost identical. 5:15 a thing of beauty.


Sep 28 at 03:42 PM

It sure is one of the hardest. Yet so fundamental.


Arigato, such a great tip. Smooth steady motion, connect the dots. I feel like this is important not only for testing, but martially as well. Something to work on.

Sep 06 at 12:31 AM

Love the no-block variation where he just drops!


Aug 14 at 05:11 PM

It seems there is a 1 minute time limit.



Aug 14 at 04:32 PM


We didn’t do any retakes. I made some edits to remove dead time, or where the action went off screen. I’ll upload another 1/3 of the board next week.

Great tips, thank you. Soke's English has improved very much since I saw him last.

Jun 29 at 05:52 PM

I have never seen anyone rotate the arm like that for the finish. I really like it. Arigato!