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Michael Seamark

Vancouver, Canada


Dec 05 at 11:40 AM

Thank you Shihan Brousseau…. I love the feedback. We are constantly thinking of new ways to capture the essential ideas on video… 


Nov 22 at 12:24 AM

It took me long time to start to feel good in the mount so be patient with yourself if you are working these details and make mistakes while roling 


Nov 19 at 10:34 AM

Thanks Wael this is a tweak I added to this waza when I was trying to apply it to a guy that was almost foot taller than me. Then it stuck and I do it all the time.  Love the feed back my friend. 


Oct 11 at 01:33 PM

Soke arrives tomorrow - we will work over the next month or so to upload some of his teaching for our members here . 


Sep 30 at 11:41 AM

That’s a great question. May be hard to tell in the video, but I don’t actually give all of the space back to my Uke. Once I have off, balanced them to the front, it allows me to get my hand to the rear when they have a really strong grip. Once I have my hand to the rear, I try to sneak it in and keep them off balance with a little bit of weight on their front heel, this makes the lock work a little bit better and cause a little more pain you can draw them down off the off-balance and make that movement even smaller and smaller so that Uke doesn’t even feel it. When you’re practising this technique, you’ll find that there are a lot of different set up some variations that you can use but ultimately the goal is to neutralize the persons grip be able to grab for a weapon if desired - but decide to stay in contact and keep them in a state of subtle off balance. It’s a technique where you get to review concepts from the first level second level and connect them to a third level pin 


Sep 14 at 04:16 PM

This is awesome - looking froward to seeing more - private link me again or add short videos here with a comment or question?


Thanks for the feedback my friend. The next few videos will be videos on flow or Ryutai to help people prepare for test. Next one will be some ideas on how to deal with different uke or issues that pop up on The standing Osae Dori Series. Dealing with variations on the fly … a natural part of progress . 


Sep 06 at 02:09 AM



Aug 07 at 11:07 AM

Still waiting for a video to be uploaded by someone - Lets check this feature out as its a bata test and may not last - Show me a waza, ask a question..... share a thought ....


Jul 18 at 11:44 AM

Hey Wael - I have section on the site under community that allows you to post a video for review. If you want I can check out a shodan pretest or look at any waza your doing a give some feed back if you like.